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 At Duck Junkies there is no off season. We are committed to the future of waterfowling and strive to provide a wealth of resources in every aspect of the sport from volunteering to hunter success. Supported by a nationwide team of volunteer staff and partners that share our passion, our free interactive community offers waterfowlers the opportunity to gain and share knowledge and experiences. Whether it's building nesting boxes, competition calling or the camaraderie of the blind that's got you obsessed, we invite you to join us and encourage you to invite someone new to take up the addiction. Men and women. Young and old. We are Duck Junkies. Are you?

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  • Ontario Waterfowl Heritage Day

    Alabama Youth HuntProviding opportunities for new hunters has not only been a passion, but a mission for DuckJunkies.com since its inception. We have done this through our events and activities across the US and we are proud to be offering the chance in Canada during Ontario Waterfowl Heritage Day.

  • Sniffin Empty Shotgun Shells

    Smoking Shotgun ShellsYou ever catch yourself sniffing empty shotgun shells? In the heat of battle most of my spent twelve gauges hit the bottom of the duck boat. Exceptions to the rule occur, and those are the three inch mags that I tuck in my pocket after poking at Canadian honkers. My hands shake so bad after honkers I always slowly unload the tubes and vibrate the empties into my bulging shell pockets.


    After the boat is completely loaded and the truck heater is on full blast I reach in my pocket for a whiff of gunpowder. It's intoxicating. As I slowly re-warm my body the thawing of mind starts to fly out the window to the blind I just left. Replaying shots, seeing blurred images of bluebills pitching and catapulting across the white capped waves. A drake mallard spiraled crashing and the flared white under wing of three hens wind whipped out of range.


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